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Best Western Left Bank St Germain Hotel – Just What You Need From a Paris Hotel

There are a lot of things to enjoy in Paris aside from its famous landmarks, historical sites, illustrious museums, and iconic monuments. When you are in the city, you can always take pleasure in the simplest activities, like eating out, walking in the parks, enjoying a night in a local cabaret, and many other ordinary things that can define the real meaning of a Parisian living. But, before you even consider booking a flight, always take into consideration the type of accommodation you may want to have once you are in the city. Especially during holidays and tourist peak seasons, booking a room in Paris can be quite an effort if you don’t do it in advance. Also consider your travel budget, so you will not be financially short when you are in Paris. Then, you can be able to enjoy different things offered by the city aside from a comfortable accommodation.

Of course, almost all tourists traveling in Paris have one thing in mind, to experience the glory of the real classic Parisian living that defines luxury and elegance from all aspects. Accommodation is one thing, but finding the best place to stay is another, which is one of the most major concerns of all travelers especially first timers. Paris has different kinds of accommodation which it offers to different types of travelers on different budget scales. If you are someone looking for a comfortable lodging but with a limited budget, you can always bank on the services and amenities provided by the Best Western Left Bank St. Germain Hotel Paris at a very affordable rate. With a 3- star rating, this hotel is known for its contemporary elegance in an urban setting with a very inexpensive room rate ideal for traveler on a tight budget but still want to experience the luxury and comfort promised by the city.

An excellent hotel situated in one of the city’s bustling district, Best Western Left Bank Saint Germain hotel is in close proximity to several tourist attractions, like the Pantheon, Saint Sulpice Church, Saint Germain des Pres, the Cluny Museum, and the Sorbonne University, which is an excellent fusion of academic, art, culture, and contemporary fashion. The hotel offers the best quality service you can afford in a three star hotel with comfortable rooms and elegant decorations that can surely catch your attention as you try to savor the elegant experience of a luxurious accommodation. With spacious rooms all equipped with modern amenities, like cable TV, high speed internet connection, air conditioning unit, and heating system, comfort is always the priority to meet the demands of various customers from different parts of the globe.

For a wonderful stay in Paris, you need not spend a lot on accommodation expenses just to be able to experience the classic Parisian living wanted by every traveler visiting the city. For a reasonable amount, you can afford style, luxury, and comfort at Best Western Left Bank St. Germain Hotel and still have extra savings to enjoy other things well known in Paris.

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An Insight Into the Paris Saint Germain Football Club

An Introduction

PSG Football Club is the home team of the beautiful city Paris and has gained immense popularity worldwide. The well-known club came into existence after its formation in the year 1970 on 12 August with the merger of Stade Saint-Germain and Paris FC. From that time, it has remained in the popular premier French division as a dominant force in French football. The club has won countless number of titles such as two Trophies des Champions, three League Cups, eight French Cups, two League Titles, and more.

The Success Stories

There is nothing like the first taste of success, and same goes with the Paris Saint Germain Football club. It was during 1982 to 1986, when the club first experienced enormous success by winning two Cups in both the 1982 and 1983 seasons. The era also experienced some incredible players and the continued dominance of the club. The late nineteen nineties is considered as the best period in the history of this superb team. This was the time when the team won the French Cup (in 1993) and the League Cup.

Surprisingly, in 1998, the club again marked its presence with French cup and League Cup titles, a rare achievement. They also secured their dominance over the premier football team of France. The club also offered outstanding pickings for the French National Team which comprises many popular PSG stars. As far the International achievements are concerned, the team enjoyed success in the years 1996 and 1997. They won the popular European Cup in 1996 but lost the finals narrowly in 1997.

A New Millennium for the Club

Being an active entity, the PSG Association aims to create the maximum participation in Football, to make it more popular in the world. The Association offers an outstanding framework for the development of passionate participants. The club’s dedication towards creating football stars can not be overlooked as it also organizes camps for junior teams of boys and girls.

The Kit for New Season

For the new season, the dress kit of this well-known football club is designed as classic, young and innovative technology. The new jersey is designed to keep the players comfortable while playing for an outstanding performance. The home shirt is made of recycled polyester fiber and each kit, both shirts and shorts, is designed up to the mark. The unique design of jersey with ventilation holes to regulate the temperature is just superb.

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